To all the local folks who have entrusted their healthcare to me:

I am thrilled to announce that we have now shared almost 7 years together at Coté Family Practice on KMD in Waterville, Maine.

I want to offer my sincere thankfulness for the continued trust that you have shown me through your kind referrals of family and friends.

As your primary care provider, I pledge to continue to offer you my head, my hands and my heart through prudent healthcare designed to minimize costs without compromising quality.

My goal is to remain sensitive to your support network and personal goals of wellness and quality of life, while we work together to make the best decisions of where you go for tests and expert consultants when necessary.

We taylor our schedule to allow for urgent and same day appointments for existing patients, so you can avoid the higher costs of urgent care centers.

My assistant is always happy to assist you in communicating with me, providing you with timely visits, and scheduling tests and referrals.

Call us today to schedule your appointment or annual wellness visit.


Lynn Coté, FNP - BC
Coté Family Practice
325 - C Suite 1
Kennedy Memorial Drive
Waterville, ME
Phone: 207-872-9911